The company motto

Our motto represents our vision followed by our ZVL trademark and our team of employees. We want to achieve professional and high performance in everything we do. This is our ambition and target. We believe that both, our motto and visual identity will reinforce the ZVL trademark not even on European markets but also worldwide.


The company values

1. Our customers are a part of everything what we do

Our goal is to belong to the main European and worldwide bearing suppliers, so we cooperate very closely with our OEM customers, authorized distributors and end users. Constantly, today and tomorrow, we want our customer to be in the centre of happening. We see the requirements and desires of our customers to find an optimal solution.

2. Our employees are the driving force of our success

We value our employees. All employees employed in our company are an irreplaceable contribution to us. Every one of them helps us to increase the value of our company and contributes to its development. We try to create motivating working environment which is based on fair-mindedness, team work and respect.

3. We strive to increase the value of the company

We are aware of effective use of economic inputs necessity. We distinguish our priorities in company cost management and we search for optimal balance between Costs/Profits to ensure the dynamic growth of the company.

4. We want to be a part of future technologies

Our vision represents a commitment to be a part of state-of-the-art technologies. Technical modifications of products, complexity of bearing portfolio and innovations are the essentials to turn our vision into reality. They provide us with viability into the future and capabilities to proactive adaptation to the current world happening in the bearing industry.