50 year tradition in bearing manufacturing

History of our company is linked with the establishment of ZVL Concern in 1923. The most important milestone in our history was the year 1968. This is the year of start of ball bearing manufacturing and the company was integrated into ZVL Concern with headquarters in Považská Bystrica. The main goal of ZVL Concern was the unification of bearing producing plants into one concern with 30 000 employees which had developed the complex R&D base linked with the manufacturing. Since its establishment, the company has undergone various historical changes having impact on production processes and property ownership. Since 2007 it is represented by the business name ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s. and it continues in its domestic and pro-export orientation, in order to successfully develop business activity trends. Today, company is not just a bearer of long tradition in Slovak engineering industry, but also an important worldwide supplier of wide bearing portfolio.


Historical milestones of ZVL SLOVAKIA

  • 1965 – Founding of ZVL Concern in Považská Bystrica
  • 1968 – Integration of the company ZVL Žilina into the ZVL Concern
  • 1990s – Disintegration of ZVL Concern
    • Trademarks ZVL and ZKL become independent concurrent trademarks with different owners
    • The dissolution of Czechoslovakia
    • Change of ownership relations – privatization
  • 2001 – 2008 – Stage of the OMNIA Group influence
  • 2008 – Change of the company owner

Historical milestones of the ZVL bearing production

  • 1966 – Founding of the ZVL factory
  • 1968 – Start of ball bearing production
  • 1974 – Start of spherical-roller bearing production
  • 1976 – Start of clutch bearing production
  • 1994 – Start of hinge bearing production
  • 2004 – Expansion of product portfolio by roller bearings and axial bearings
  • 2005 – Expansion of product portfolio by needle-roller bearings and bearing housings
História spoločnosti ZVL
História spoločnosti ZVL
História spoločnosti ZVL
História spoločnosti ZVL